Ireland & UK

 City or Countryside, busy household or quiet, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland, we have the Homestay solution for you! With over 250 Independent Irish host families in Ireland, and a further 75 Independent host families in the United Kingdom for High School and 3rd level students, LingooHomestay is the most flexible English learning experience outside a classroom any student can have. Students get the opportunity to live with a caring host family, in a welcoming community where they’ll immerse in English 24 hours a day, enabling them to develop their English skills at a pace and level unparalleled in the classroom. Students can additionally enrol in English lessons at approved schools, colleges or with certified teachers. Students can stay for a minimum of 1 week, and tailor a stay to their needs, as well as budget up to 52 weeks in total. Groups, couples and individuals may engage in LingooGroup Homestays.