Camps Abroad

We’ve successfully teamed up with partners abroad since 2017 to offer LingooCamps abroad. In 2021 we’re expanding this to Camps in 8 countries:

Spain – Malaga & Barcelona (June)

France – Marseille (July)

Italy – Bologna (August)

Germany – Hamburg & Munich (August)

Switzerland- Near Geneva (July & August)

Turkey – Coming 2021 (July)

Ukraine – Coming 2021 (June)

Malta – Coming 2021 (July & August).

Each Camp location hosts students of all nationalities ranging in age from 10-17 generally with varying terms and conditions. We market these Camps though our current marketing channels, which includes social media, email marketing, our network of over 1300 English & Language Schools across the EU and 28,000+ educators on our databases. Our representatives regularly attend international trade shows where educationalists meet. This means we only select Camps abroad which comply to the same high standards employed by LingooCamps Ireland. All Camps are conducted in English, with a positive academic focus on speaking & understanding. Camps also encourage learning through play – with games, projects, activities and presentation features to maximise student participation levels.

LingooCamps Ireland

LingooCamps Ireland offers Summer Camps in English for children aged 11-17 in a number of specialised areas: Surfing Camps, Equestrian / Horse Riding Camps, Music Camps, Arts & Crafts Camps, Soccer / Sports Camps, Heritage / Archaeology Camps.

All Camps are organised by approved external organisations specialising in their field of service, ensuring a professional Camp, delivered to the highest standards. Camps are usually attended by local Irish / British children during summer time, so if foreign exchange children participate, they’re guaranteed to be surrounded by native English speakers, leaders and teachers. All English programs to accompany the Camps are organsied by LingooGroup, with qualified teachers (online or in person), and certification is awarded upon successful completion of the Camp. Each Camp has a LingooGroup supervisor close by to handle any issues. Camp activities are subject to weather restrictions on occasions, so Camp schedules may change.